Thursday, May 14, 2009


Surat Julia@Suria FM

Dear Sulu,

First of all i wanted to congratulate you for a beautiful lyrics of Cinta Tiada Akhirnya....

love all the wording and it makes me cry everytime i hear the song!!!
Its a briliant pieces from you and Azlan....and i've told Azlan about

First time i heard Kaer song Izinkan ku pergi.... i cried
because it's really about me....Ghaz was trilled coz the video clips
are just like what i've told's exactly like what had happend
to me when my bf passed away....and i know how sorry Ghaz to me but
hey..this is just a coincidence..i told him the story of my love life
after he did the clips and of course everybody was so shocked to see
the's so touching!!!

My Dear Sulu,

I'm one of
your fans now and i'm really adore you and i hope to hear a lot from
you and your creative mind!! Gosh!! i wish i can write like
you....hehehehe...well, there's always one Sulu in our
life.....hehehehe...Take care girl!!!

Julia Shapiee

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